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4/2 - 5/3 BB&PPINC Solo Exhibition + Book Signing Event!
Opening Reception+BOOK RELEASE PARTY: 4/2 Saturday 7-10pm


Brooklyn - AG Gallery at About Glamour is pleased to present an exhibition and book release party for BB&PPINC! The book party will be everyone’s first chance to catch a glimpse of the brand new BB&PPINC book and to meet the artists. The exhibition will feature a wide assortment of BB&PPINC creations, ranging from wall drawings to various art objects. BB&PPINC's catalog of books, prints, cards and shirts will also be on display.

BB&PPINC's first book was self published in the fall of 2003 and since then BB&PPINC has been building up a loyal following. BB&PPINC's artist books detail the adventures of BB, a small bear, and Pezya, a sausage dog. So far they have thrown a party, enjoyed an encounter with a bunch of birds, and cared for a sickly chicken. As the story in their latest book unfolds, BB and Pezya discover how green their thumbs really are. (We didn’t even know that they had thumbs!)

BB&PPINC's previous books were each hand bound with hand printed lino-cut covers. The new book explores a new format, as each page grows with the story to climax in a poster-sized finale. The book also features a special envelope- style box which serves as its cover. In each of the books, the expressive drawings pull the reader into the wordless stories, leaving them eager for more!

Visit to see all the things that BB&PPINC does!
Advance copies of the new BB&PPINC book are now available for press review.
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