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4/4 - 5/3/2008 (Extended!) OPEN CALL EXHIBITION
Opening Reception: 4/4/2008 Friday 7-10pm

Amy Von Harrington
Brett Kaufman
Jennifer Murray
Sandra Mack-Valencia


"King and Queen"
4/4 - 5/3/2008
Opening Reception: 4/4/2008, Friday, 7-10pm

Participating Artists:
Amy Von Harrington / Brett Kaufman / Jennifer Murray/ Sandra Mack-Valencia

Brooklyn - AG Gallery is pleased to present our 4th annual juried exhibition, "King & Queen", a group exhibition of five artists selected from the open call submissions. Selected works express and expand the symbolic meanings of the archetype of a king and/or a queen.Kings and queens are seen as one of the strongest, most influential, authority figures. They are generally symbolized by absolute power, monarchy, and prosperity. Looking back at history, sometimes their leadership led them to be great heroes or ruthless tyrants. The artists selected for this exhibition explore the realms of imagination, or the realities of the conflict that occurs in such a hierarchy like prosperity and corruption, the relationship between a king and a queen, with those figures and the people, or so on. They successfully interpret and reconstruct their own concepts with both traditional and contemporary materials.

Amy Von Harrington makes collage art, which takes real-life situations and turn them into faux dramas in an attempt to make critical viewing fun and accessible. Her latest series, which take on singularly manifest visual representations of cliched phrases, have been about ancient Rome, teaching life lessons, and violent chimpanzees.

Brett Kaufman translates his feelings for the biographical subject into a two-dimensional image. There are different processes through which his work is fabricated. He uses the technique of collage as well as the construction of dioramas. He wants his images to communicate a life's story visually, to see, as well as to feel.

Jennifer Murray tries to entice the viewer by referring to the subconscious. She displace people, animals and objects in scenarios that suggest a familiar unreality or dreamy montage. In each piece, she strives to identify and exploit the tension that comes from placing images in unfamiliar territory.

Sandra Mack-Valencia's recent works are combination of transfers and drawings on paper. Images that she uses, like photographs of relatives and close friends are carefully chosen based on the emotional bonding with the people they are related to, and with the hope to go beyond the scope of personal biography, they are cropped, blurred, or totally modified through the drawing composition. The new images she created are the result of both an emotional and an aesthetic combination, with sometimes a hint of humor.

" King & Queen" will be on view at AG Gallery through April 30th, 2008. The gallery is located at 103 North 3rd St. (between Berry and Wythe Ave.)
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