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5/25 - 6/24/2007 OPEN CALL EXHIBITION
Opening Reception: 5/25/2007 Friday 7-10pm

Elena Ruano Kanidinc
Lorri Ott
Liz Sweibel
Levent Tuncer
Gina Fuentes Walker
Nathan J Wasserbauer
Seldon Yuan
Jieun Zaun Lee


"Neo Abstraction"
5/25 - 6/24/2007
Opening Reception: 5/25/2007, Friday, 7-10pm

Artists: Elena Ruano/ Lorri Ott/ Liz Sweibel/ Levent Tancer/ Gina Fuentes Walker/ Nathan J Wasserbauer/ Seldon Yuan/ Jieun Zaun Lee

Brooklyn - AG Gallery is pleased to present our third annual juried exhibition, Neo Abstraction, a group exhibition of eight artists selected from the open call submissions.

Abstract art is generally understood to mean art that does not depict objects in the natural world, but instead uses color and form in a non-representational way. In the very early 20th century, the term was more often used to describe art, such as Cubist and Futurist art, that depicts real forms in a simplified or rather reduced way - keeping only an allusion of the original natural subject.

In this exhibition, Neo Abstraction, each artist presents a response to the traditional Abstract Art, transforming its idea to the contemporary art in 21st Century. The show will consist of wide range of medium, including painting, photography, sculpture, animation and installation work.

Elena Ruano is often inspired by architectural drawings as well as basic geometrical shapes - lines, squares and circles. By cutting the simplified shapes on a paper and adding the light behind it, she transforms two-dimensional composition into three-dimensional object. Lorri Ott's sculpture visualizes intangible elements in our everyday landscape with playful shapes and vivid colors. The floating shape made by resin and colorful objects around it express the harmony of nature with humor and fantasy. Liz Sweibel makes small collage pieces out of magazines and scrap papers. By assembling the images of domestic objects and architectural plans, she questions how we see our living environment and intimate space. Levent Tancer's painting deals with the dynamics of repetition. He uses a single sixteenth century lznik tile pattern and lets it mutate on canvas by emphasizing the beauty of its geometry. Gina Fuentes Walker manipulates light sources to photograph architecture and interior spaces. In this exhibition, she presents her latest installation piece where similar imageries of the sky, nature and architectural structures are represented differently to challenge the audience's perception. Nathan J Wasserbauer "explores the codependency between the organic and industrial world as celebratory decadence and abusive exploitation" in his work. He presents an animation piece and his latest painting that express his continuous interest in urban structures and its obscurity. Seldon Yuan manifests a possibility of combining the contradicted means between visual and literal as well as abstract and specific. In this exhibition, he presents his sculptural piece that his poetry is lying on mirrored box. Jieun Zaun Lee makes up her own games using dashes and dots to fill up the grid and applies its logical system to the practice of painting - "just as we tend to play logical games with insensible rules for insensible aims in our lives".

Neo Abstraction will be on view at AG Gallery through June 24th, 2007. The gallery is located at 103 North 3rd St. (between Berry and Wythe Ave.) Hours: Sun. 12-8pm Mon.-Fri. 1-9pm, Sat. 12-10pm

For further information, please contact the gallery at 718-599-3044 or visit www.aboutglamour.net