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5/26 - 6/25/2006 "Victorian Now" (Open Call Exhibition)
Opening Reception: 5/26 Friday 7-10pm

Elaine Chow
Amy Hill
Maureen Shields
Barbara Smith
Amy Talluto


Brooklyn - AG Gallery is pleased to present our second annual juried exhibition, "Victorian Now", a group exhibition of five artists selected from the open call submissions. Selected works express their own concept of translating the word and history of "Victorian" into the contemporary art in 21st Century.

The second half of the 19th century has been called the positivist age and one of the most fascinating periods in our history. It has been an age of faith in the positive consequences of what can be achieved through the close observation of the natural and human realms. In that period, England became the most modern and wealthy country in the world through the presence of Queen Victoria and it's known as the Victorian era. The subject of artwork in Victorian era is often woman portraiture or highly impressionistic landscape, and often depicted dramatic events in brilliant color. The artists selected for this exhibition consider the elements of traditional Victorian era and reconstruct their own concepts with both traditional and contemporary materials.

Elaine Chow traces sensitive objects such as Lace and Handkerchief onto paper with watercolor. By folding it in a box, a sense of fragility is preserved with an intimate memory. Ami Hill often works with traditional painting technique with unexpected elements. Her latest series of portraits show subjects seated formally but with an odd expression or gesture. Maureen Shields's site-specific painting has a wall painted frame with a collage of plastic tapes on the Plexiglas. Using more contemporary materials and candy colors to depict traditional Victorian portraits, Shields opens up a discussion of what is tradition and what is contemporary. Barbara Smith shows an installation piece of her hand made lockets in the box and a video projection onto an antique looking dresser. White the sculptures are posed in antique style, video piece that depicted the same sculptures add time-based elements. Amy Talluto is interested in a landscape motif based on natural scenes found in Brooklyn, specifically in the Victorian-designed Prospect Park. Loosely impressionistic way of capturing the nature brings up the scenes into more psychological level with the melancholy and mystery.

"Victorian Now" will be on view at AG Gallery through June 25th, 2006. The gallery is located at 103 North 3rd St. (between Berry and Wythe Ave.) Hours: Sun. 12-8pm Mon.-Sat. 12-10pm
For further information, please contact the gallery at 718-599-3044 or visit