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Retro picture bags

Yes, new season, new arrivals!

Now we have cutest retro picture bags. They are not just cute, they are also functional.
Strong, water resistant, and close with zipper.. great for lunch bags, shopping bags, and even gym more boring bags for you! It's getting warmer, friends! Pick up one of these retro picture bags and let's go outside in style!

2 sizes available:
Small: 8.5in x 10in x 4in
(has side pockets)
Large: 12.5in x 10in x 4in
( has a front pocket with a zipper)

Available in SMALL and LARGE
Available in different colors and designs

Retro picture bag SMALL $15  

ORCIVAL multi-color Basque shirt

Basque shirts

We now have the biggest collection of Basque shirts and only the good ones - ORCIVAL, SAINT JAMES, Le minor... and more.

What are Basque Shirts?
The Basque shirts were originally made for fishermen in France and for the French Navy. The shirts drew vacationers' attentions who visit the country, and became popular as a fashionable clothing item. It is known that the great artist Pablo Picasso loved the shirts. He wore Basque shirts in many of his portraits.

Why so many people love it?

Its quality: made by heavy-duty lightweight combed cotton with a very tight knit to break the wind, and its shape stays the same and its fabric gets stronger after washing. So the more you wear it, the better it looks.
Its style: clean, sophisticated look that never goes out of style and it's easy to style with different items such as a knitted cardigan or a jacket.
Its comfort: a Basque shirt made by cotton is very easy to your skin and adopts well with the weather change. Its fabric is strong that flows onto your body nicely and flatters your shape.


Who makes it?
< Three well-known brands for Basque shirts >
The SAINT- JAMES: Established in Lower Normandy, in the commune of Saint-James, France in 1889. It is known to be the oldest brand to produce the Basque shirts. St. James has made the shirts for French Navy in 1970s and in 1980s.

ORCIVAL: Established in Lyon, France in 1930s. Its Basque shirts are known for the logo of a cicada on the front corner and slits on both sides of the shirts. ORCIVAL has also produced Basque shirts for French Navy in 1970s and in 1980s.

Le Minor: Established in Bretagne, France in 1936. Le Minor is known for its big variety of colors - more than 100 colors every season. Compared to St. James and ORCIVAL, Le Minor's shirts are cut slimmer. If you prefer a tighter fit, Le Minor is for you.



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Upcoming Exhibition

Art & Music Group Exhibition
3/7 - 3/30/2008

Opening Reception:

DATE: March 7th(F), 2008
TIME: 7pm to 10pm

Curated by Mari Kojima

For further information about the exhibition, please go to our website -->>Here